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BODYPUMP is our original and extremely popular full-body barbell class.

Our class is renowned for its high-energy music and fast-paced resistance training that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. This workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using light to medium weights and high reps for exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls.

This class is ideal for beginners who want an introduction to weight training or for the more experienced gym-goers who just want a high-rep, intense weights session!

We caught up with our long-time BODYPUMP instructor Vivian Chaplin to find out why the class is so fun and beneficial for anyone looking to burn through fat and build lean muscle!


Our Titan BODYPUMP class is a full-body barbell workout which allows you to choose the intensity and is perfect for anyone looking to get toned and build lean muscle mass. An instructor coaches you through each movement and shows you the technique which you then repeat with the rest of the class. We use light to medium weights (you get to choose how heavy) with lots of repetition to achieve an intense and thorough workout.

What are the benefits?

Not only does BODYPUMP allow you to develop lean, athletic muscle through high repetitions of low to medium weights. BODYPUMP is also amazing for fat-loss as you will continue to burn calories hours after the class! This is because the muscle is working to repair itself, making your metabolism elevated and ready to burn more calories! It also increases your core strength and even improves bone health - all major positives.

Can someone new to weight training take part in BODYPUMP?

Absolutely! You get to choose the weight of the barbell so beginners will need to start light and work to increase that as they build their strength. All movements will be taught and guided by the instructor, we will also be able to tell you what weight to choose!

If you haven't tried a BODYPUMP class before, now is the time to raise the bar - literally!

BODY PUMP: 55 mins

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