Titan Staff - Derya Analin- Club Manager

I guess by my surname you can guess that I am a part of the family! My journey started 22 years ago when I was born into the fitness industry. My Dad and Uncle are the owners of Titan Fitness and I never would have thought that one day be working for the company they worked so hard to build. I’ve been working at Titan Fitness since I was 19 in the marketing department, doing everything from videography to social media and bit of graphic designing. For me, fitness is a journey and not a destination. I really see what my family and our team do as continuous and a never-ending improvement in the pursuit of creating impact in people’s lives!

Dez, Dezza, Dezzles 

Favourite Workout: Leg day!! Favourite exercise, leg press

Favourite Cheat Meal: Sweet potato chips, like the good fried and crunchy ones ;) OR chocolate!!

Dream Getaway: Hawaii or maybe Dubai, shopping till I’m dropping!!

Pick Me Up Quote: "Relax and trust the timing of your life. You will figure out your career. You will find the right relationship. You will become the person you always wanted to be. Just don’t forget to appreciate who you are now"

Where To Find Me: @derya_analin on Instagram