Titan Staff - Mike Case

With over 12 years experience in the industry working with clients in England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Mike has created a prominent influence, due to his unique approach to strength coaching, sports nutrition and lifestyle.

Mike’s experience has enabled him to gain sound knowledge in the world of strength and conditioning, powerlifting, bodybuilding, gymnastics, body weight training, joint preparation and movement exploration. Mike has revolutionised the training experience for every individual and athlete he has mentored through his simple theory of; progressions of strength, power and movement, earnt through education, grit and dedication.

Mike’s goal is to create high performing bodies free of pain, injury and limitations. Work hard, work smart, make change and make it last. Mike has extensive experience taking competitive athletes to state and national competition level.

Got goals? Let’s turn them into results. Join Mike and discover in - depth explorations of focused development in areas of strength, hypertrophy and mobility. Mike is here to make you strong, powerful, mobile and athletic.


Sport and Exercise Science Degree (Bsc)
Sports Nutrition (Bsc)
Level 3 + 4 in Personal Training
Strength and Conditioning (UKSCA)
Functional Training
Plant Based Nutrition (Cornell University)
FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)
CPR + First Aid

Areas Of Expertise

Strength Training
Competition Prep
Body Composition Change
Muscular Hypertrophy
Functional Training
Plant - Based Nutrition

Favourite Quote: “How bad do you want it?”