Titan Staff - James Raftos

James has over 36 years experience in the fitness industry and has been a Personal Trainer for over 25 years. He has a Taekwondo 3rd Dan Black Belt and was 1988 Olympic Qualifier. He also spent 8 Years as a senior lecturer for the Fitness Institute of Australia and FitNation


Certificate III in Fitness 
Certificate IV in Fitness 
Diploma in Fitness 
Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Areas Of Expertise

    Specialising in Muscle Gain & Fat Loss 
    Strength Gain & Bodybuilding 
    Event & Small Group Training 
    Martial Arts Training 
    Elderly Training 
    Personalised & Sports Specific Program 
    Instruction on Precise Technique of Resistance Training Exercises

    Favourite Quote: "Be Strong, Be Happy, RAFTOSTERONE"