Titan Staff - Martin Silva

I am highly experienced Personal Trainer and I have over a decade’s experience as a Trainer. I have trained lots of different people from all walks of life, ranging from Professional Athletes to middle aged women to young and elderly folks. From a young age I have always been into playing sports such as rugby, soccer, squash etc. I have been lifting weights for over 15 years and I am currently at my peak of health and wellness due to the knowledge I have acquired from constantly learning and evolving in the field of health and fitness. I have competed in 8 different bodybuilding competitions firstly as a Men’s Physique athlete and then eventually working my up to a Professional Level Wbff Fitness Model. I then gained Sponsorship and I was sent over to the Wbff World Championships in Toronto last year and I placed within the Top 10 Fitness Models in the World out of 40 top level Professional athletes. The extensive knowledge I have gained along my journey both as a Trainer and Physique Athlete has helped transform the lives of hundreds of people, I have converted people from being a gym novice into fit, healthy individuals.


WBFF Pro Fitness Model (Ranked Within Top 10 in the World)
Certificate 3 in Fitness
Certificate 4 in Fitness
First Aid/CPR Qualified
Junior Athletic Conditioning Coach
UK Strength and Conditioning Coach
Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

Areas Of Expertise

Body Transformation
Body Sculpting For Women
Nutritional Advisor
Health and Wellbeing Coach
Competition Prep
Training Programming

Martin Silva