Finding the motivation to workout is not always easy. There are often times when we’re stressed, tired, or quite frankly, just not in the mood. ⁣

There are many ways in which we can overcome these feelings, however. So it’s important you find one that works for you and stick to it. Here are our top tips for finding the motivation to workout, and KEEPING it!⁣

1. Set Goals⁣

You can’t achieve your goals if you do not clearly define them. Before you start a new fitness class or workout routine, think about what you want to get out of it. Are you trying to lose weight? Build muscle? Or just simply improve your fitness? Be specific with what you want to achieve and write it down - you’ll have a much greater chance of achieving it this way. A good example is:⁣

“I want to lose 5kg by the end of the month.”⁣

Setting these goals will keep you committed to your workout regime, and will boost motivation drastically!⁣

2. Schedule time to workout⁣

Another effective way to stay committed to your fitness routine is to physically schedule in time for exercise - you’ll be much more likely to actually do it this way. We recommend you plan your week ahead, writing down when you plan to workout. You should be realistic with your plans though, don’t schedule a run at 5 am if you usually wake up at 9. Also, consider roughly what time you usually have your most effective workouts - then schedule your exercise accordingly.⁣

3. Have fun!⁣

Making your workouts engaging will boost your motivation through the roof. Consider working out with friends or joining a dynamic fitness class such as zumba, spin or HIIT. You’ll be far less likely to miss workouts when you actually enjoy them, plus you might make some friends along the way.⁣

To check out Titan’s fun and thrilling list of fitness classes, click here. ⁣

4. Reward Yourself⁣

If you reach a milestone, set a personal best, or simply managed to get yourself moving when you were not in the mood - treat yourself! Consider rewarding yourself with a tasty post-workout smoothie or some downtime. This will help you build that habit of exercising regularly, plus it will motivate you to try even harder to smash your goals!⁣

5. Remember: variation is your friend⁣

This point goes hand-in-hand with making your workouts fun. If you do the same, monotonous workout every time, odds are you will get bored very quickly and lose motivation. You should aim to add some variation to your workout routine. For example, Mondays might be run day, Wednesdays are for weights, and Fridays are for pilates. This will not only keep you excited to exercise, but will also workout different parts of your body.⁣

6. Join the Titan Fit 40 Lifestyle Challenge⁣

If you’re struggling to get motivated, the Titan Fit 40 Challenge is also a great option. It goes beyond training and nutritional coaching, and emphasises the importance of mindset in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will be held accountable to your trainers and peers, and you will get results! To learn more, click here.⁣

Putting our motivation tips and tricks into action will help you get and stay motivated to workout. One important thing to remember though, is that taking a break from exercise is still important. ⁣

Our bodies do need time to recover, so never feel guilty for taking a rest day here and there, it’s completely normal and actually very healthy!⁣