Whether you're a gym junkie or gym newbie, it's important you implement an effective workout plan that gets you the results you're after. There's no use following an exercise plan for building muscle when your main goal is to lose weight and vice versa.⁣

To get you on track to designing and implementing a workout plan that works for you and helps you achieve your goals, follow our top 3 tips below.⁣


Think about what you want to achieve from your workout. Are you looking to burn calories? To improve your posture? To gain more definition? Or to simply improve your fitness? Define your goal explicitly as this will make it easier to achieve. Also make sure your goals are realistic and reasonable. ⁣

As well as a long term goal, set small, attainable ones too. Strive to reach each goal one at a time, so you are not overwhelmed, and you can keep yourself motivated.⁣


Next, choose a training program that's right for you based on the goal you established earlier. This will help you achieve your goals while reducing the chances of getting injured or disappointed, as your plan will be more effective.⁣⁣


Start by choosing exercises that you enjoy. One reason people find their exercise program fails is because of boredom. Try and include both aerobic exercise (such as walking, jogging, cycling or even an active sport/class) for cardiovascular health, plus weight training sessions for muscular and bone health. This combination will ensure that you work on all aspects of your health and fitness. Intensities will also be key, you want to be pushing your body to the max. ⁣


Frequency and consistency play a huge role in a workout plan. Without consistency, programs are unorganized and the body has a harder time adapting. It can also make it more challenging to form the right habits and routine needed to achieve your goal. ⁣


Have a game plan when it comes to your fitness goals. The best way to get an accurate sense of what you're aiming for is to write them down and plan out the frequency and intensity of each workout session. This helps you monitor your progress and understand what your body needs.⁣⁣
Tip: Be sure to warm up (at least 10 minutes) to give your muscles time to adjust to exercise before engaging in actual work.⁣⁣

Establishing a workout plan to satisfy your goals is not always easy. These tips will help, but they also require a lot of patience and trial-and-error. To get the best results, we’d recommend consulting a professional. Book a session with a PT or even ask a member of our Titan team, they’d be more than happy to assist.⁣