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Gut health refers to the proper functioning of the gut’s microbiota - the ecosystem of microorganisms that live inside your digestive tract. Although the idea that there is a diverse community of bacteria living in your body can be slightly uncomfortable, these microscopic critters play a hugely important role in keeping you alive and healthy.⁣

Having a rich microbial community presents a long list of health benefits. Amongst this list is increased immunity, reduced symptoms of depression, and a reduced likelihood of becoming obese. It is therefore vital that we look after our gut and maintain our microbiota! ⁣

Here are five ways you can improve your gut health now:⁣

Lower Your Stress Levels⁣

Whether short-term or long-term, high levels of stress can have many detrimental effects on the body, including your gut. Psychological stressors can disrupt your intestinal microbiota, increasing your risk of inflammatory conditions.⁣

This can be combated however by adding a bunch of stress-tackling rituals to your routine. Taking daily walks, meditation, socialising and getting enough sleep will help lower your stress levels dramatically!⁣

Slow Down Your Eating⁣

Slowing down the pace at which you consume food promotes proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. This reduces discomfort during digestion and nourishes your gut’s microbiota. Chew thoroughly and swallow slowly!⁣

Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics⁣

Antibiotics are important for treating bacterial infections. If they are taken unnecessarily or in excess, however, they end up targeting and killing the good bacteria in your gut. ⁣

It is therefore recommended that you discuss alternative treatments with your doctor if you are prescribed antibiotics, especially for non-bacterial illnesses.⁣

Change Your Diet⁣

Consuming large amounts of processed and high-sugar foods can cause gut dysbiosis, an imbalance of microbes in your intestinal tract. ⁣

You should instead aim to maintain a diverse diet high in prebiotics, fibre and polyphenols.⁣

Keep up your daily fruit and vegetable intake, and switch to whole foods!⁣

Exercise Regularly!⁣

Many studies have suggested that working out increases the diversity of bacterial species in your gut. This contributes to the role exercise plays in reducing your risk of obesity. ⁣

Working out is a de-stressor too and, as we know, reducing your stress levels will do wonders for your gut health!⁣

If you’re feeling a little flustered and unsure of where to start, the Titan Fit 40 Challenge may be perfect for you! ⁣

Far more than just training, the challenge also includes nutritional guidance and meal plans designed to nourish your entire body and improve your gut health. ⁣

There is also thorough mindset training that will help you be diligent in employing healthy habits and maintaining a lifestyle your gut, and the rest of your body will thank you for!⁣⁣⁣