Spend any amount of time with a CEO of a successful company and you’ll witness first-hand how significant the link is between calmness and confidence. In order to make mediated and calculated decisions. You need to be calm. And in order to be calm, you need to be confident in yourself and your choices.

I sat down with Mets the CEO of Titan Fitness to discuss the link between calmness and confidence and also how he manages to stay calm throughout his day to day life.

Calmness allows you to look at different perspectives and deliberate accurately

Not only does being calm allow you to look at situations in a less emotionally controlled light. It also gives you the gift of being able to observe and understand different perspectives.

If you are able to do this, your day to day life and the decisions you make will be more thought out, mediated and thus, more intelligent.

Calm confidence leads to better and faster decisions

As staying calm allows for more deliberation. More confident people generally are able to make more accurate and faster decisions.

Indecisive people generally tend to lack confidence and avoid taking responsibility for the outcome of their choices.

Decisive people are confident enough to make a decision and are able to take responsibility for the consequences. Even if the decision they make isn’t necessarily for the best and concludes in unfavourable results.

Picture this, the world is ending and the fate of it lies in the push of a button. Nobody knows the outcome of pushing this button. Is the individual you picture in charge of this decision calm and collected? Or running about screaming?

The ability to make important decisions relies on the basis that the individual making them is calm enough to do so.

And the ability to be calm relies on self-confidence. And how do you create calmness? Discipline

What I discovered during my meeting with Mets is how he uses discipline to keep himself calm during his everyday life as CEO of Titan Fitness.

Discipline seems to be one of those concepts that people tend to shy away from. The word seems confining and suffocating, as if it’s another word for being controlled.

However, as Mets stated, being disciplined really means learning and gaining knowledge under your terms. Setting your day out how you want to and having the knowledge to avoid situations of stress that will affect your progression.

Being disciplined can be as simple as getting up every morning before 6am to have breakfast and go for a walk before getting ready for work. People who do this tend to have a much more significant sense of calmness to their day. Thus, confidence in themselves and their decisions.

I used to be one of those people who would snooze their alarm at least 5 times before getting up, miss breakfast and end up being late for work! I can assure you that this creates a snowball effect for the rest of your day. The hectic start to the morning turns into a hectic day and a stressful day following. It’s easy to see how this affects your mood, your sense of calmness and ultimately your confidence.

Aim for discipline in every aspect of your everyday life and you’ll be a more calm and confident individual.

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