One important thing to remember is that we’ve all most definitely been there…

You’re fresh from signing up and walking around your new gym. When a feeling of dread sets in as you realise most of this equipment you have never seen before. Let alone have any idea how to use!

This is followed by a short-lived feeling of relief when you notice the treadmills. And after 45 minutes of incline walking and being too scared to try anything else, wondering to yourself if this gym membership was even really worth it…

It most certainly is!

Signing up to a gym is essentially investing in your health. Something I would consider, as a human being, one of my most valuable assets.

Additionally, the time and investment you put into your health and subsequently your gym membership, the bigger the benefits.

Never give up and never be scared

I can’t even begin to count how many times I have felt intimidated or nervous at the prospect of participating in a new gym class, or trying out a piece of new gym equipment.

But you know what? The amazing feeling I got after smashing my first Titan HIIT class, or learning how to use the cables properly and as a result a whole new workout FAR outweighs any of my previous silly fears.

The feeling of being scared or intimidated is completely normal. But please don’t let it take over and affect your progress.

Always ask – it is so much more beneficial to do something properly than wrong

Like many, I have been in the situation where I want to use a machine and haven’t because I’ve been too intimidated to ask someone for help. Or even worse, tried to half-heartedly use the machine myself and done it completely wrong!

No one is born with the knowledge of how to use every piece of equipment in the gym. Not even personal trainers!

Ask PTs, ask the receptionists, even ask other gym members around you! It is so much better than trying on your own and potentially hurting yourself, or even worse, not trying at all.

Besides, without asking a fellow gym-member for advice I would never have discovered my (now) favourite piece of gym equipment – the hamstring curl machine!

Lastly, no one cares what you’re doing. Honestly, we really don’t.

The self-conscious feeling that creeps up on you as soon as you enter the gym really is just one of the unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable tricks of the human mind.

Not only is being self-conscious a completely unnecessary emotion. But also one of those things that you can guarantee everyone else will be feeling too.

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself and your progress.

Remember this and it will make every minute you spend in the gym worthwhile.

Happy training!

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