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We all know that health maintenance should be one of our top priorities. Regular exercise helps us to unleash a better version of ourselves. We are more productive at work, kinder to our loved ones and more content with life. Although we understand the importance of regular exercise, many of us still place it towards the bottom of our to do list. To help you get your daily dose of physical activity, the following article details 3 simple hacks you can use to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Hack #1: Quality over Quantity

When it comes to reaping results from exercise, workout quality always trumps quantity. If you only have 30-45 minutes to spend in the gym, a carefully designed program can provide outstanding results in this time frame. This can be achieved by incorporating techniques that ramp up workout intensity, prioritise progressive overload, are goal specific and add variety.

Titan Fitness has a range of highly skilled Personal Trainers who can design individualised and time effective workouts. You won’t even have to think about your program, all you have to do is show up. Contact us to get in contact with one of our Personal Trainers today and here to find out more about our personal training packages.

High intensity workouts are a time effective way to burn calories. This is due to a process called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC is a mechanism the body uses to return to homeostasis post exercise and adapt to the new training demand. Titan Fitness offers a variety of 30-45 minute classes which promote EPOC. Examples include HIIT, Tabata, Grit Strength and Spin. 

Hack #2: Plan, Prepare, Prioritise

Planning your workout routine in advance will save you time in the gym. Participating in Titan Fitness challenges is one way to ensure that you always have an effective routine to follow. Such challenges include a structured exercise and nutrition program, motivational and educational seminars and 24/7 online support. These features take the thinking out of your exercise program and ensures you receive instant advice and support. Click here to check out our latest challenge and how you can be a part of the next one.

Hack #3: Have a Powerful ‘Why’

When it comes to achieving any goal, having a propelling reason behind why you want to accomplish it is a powerful driver of success. When your ‘why’ is great enough, your conscious and subconscious mind will help you to align your actions in accordance with achieving your goal.

To illustrate how influential a powerful ‘why’ can be, imagine that you would be rewarded one million dollars if you exercised every day for 30 minutes. Nothing would come between you and your program. Notice here that the only thing that changed was your level of motivation to achieve the goal. Your ‘why’ became more powerful.

Hence, finding time to exercise could be as simple as increasing your drive to workout. One method to enhance exercise motivation is to write down all the rewards associated with achieving your goal and look over this list every day. Each day you should visualise yourself achieving your goal and how great it will feel to have reached it.

It is important to acknowledge that each goal we endeavour to achieve comes at a cost. Having a powerful why will give us the determination to overcome any setbacks. While unexpected work and family commitments can interfere with your exercise regime, Titan Fitness have introduced Fitness on Demand to help overcome this. Fitness on Demand enables you to complete over 200 virtual group fitness classes including Spin, Pilates, Yoga and Tabata. This enables you to participate in your favourite class despite your work or family commitments.

In conclusion, exercise is fundamental to our overall health and wellbeing. Even if it requires creative thinking, there is always a way to incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule. If you would like any further advice on how to find time to workout, don’t hesitate to contact us on 9665 4858.

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