I’d like you to pause for one moment and bring your awareness to your posture. Are your shoulders rolling inwards, back stooped as you read this? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Smartphones, desk jobs, studying and long commutes to work can instil poor posture habits.

Hunching over for extended periods of time tighten the chest muscles while causing your upper back to become loose and weak. This can result in a number of consequences including chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and fatigue.

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve desk job posture. Yoga can be used to stretch the chest muscles and lengthen the spine, thereby helping to re-align your body. At the same time, yoga strengthens the core, glutes and upper back muscles. These muscles are key players in maintaining good postural alignment. Hence, spending just 10 minutes a day completing these 5 yoga poses will greatly help to improve your posture.

Cobra Pose

Posture Perks: Lengthens spine and neck, opens chest, reverses rounded shoulders

Bow Pose

Posture Perks: Stretches shoulders, chest and neck, opens up hip flexors

Kneeling Shoulder Opener Pose

Posture Perks: Opens up and relieves tight shoulders

Bridge Pose

Posture Perks: Opens up chest and hips, lengthens spine, strengthens back and glute muscles

Reverse Warrior Pose

Posture Perks: Improves spine flexibility, stretches hips, reverses rounded shoulder position

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