1. Motivation

First and foremost, many people are reluctant to join a gym out of fear they will be locked into a contract and unable to muster up enough willpower to actually go. We get it, committing to a gym membership can feel risky. However this may be just the reason you NEED to join. For instance a 2017 study conducted by Schreder et. al. found that compared to those without a membership, paying for a regular membership increases levels of physical activity.

Now, I’m sure like many of us you’ve heard the numerous physical and psychological benefits of regular physical activity. Hence, you know that you need to get it done one way or another. Thus, joining a gym will increase your accountability to work out regularly. If a gym membership alone doesn’t do the trick, we have a variety of ongoing fitness challenges, boot camps and qualified staff to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your fitness goals and more.

If you’re struggling to find motivation to workout, make sure to email me at mets@titanfitness.com.au and together we can uncover what options best suit your individual goals and needs to ensure you reach your health and fitness goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

2. Time Poor

Secondly, many people feel that they simply don’t have the time to regularly attend the gym. However, when it comes to reaping results from exercise, quality always trumps quantity. If you only have 30-45 minutes to spend in the gym, a carefully designed program can provide outstanding results in this time frame. This can be achieved by incorporating techniques that ramp up workout intensity, prioritise progressive overload, are goal specific and add variety.

Titan Fitness have a variety of classes which ensure an effective workout in a shorter time frame. Examples include HIIT30, HIIT45, FITMAX, Grit Strength and Spin. The advantage of group fitness is that you don’t even have to think about your workout. All you have to do is show up!

If you are in need of individualised advice or a specific program tailored towards ensuring optimal results in a shortened time frame, email me at mets@titanfitness.com.au so we can work together to create a plan.

3. Injury

Yes, unfortunately injury can prevent us from engaging in the physical activity that we want to. However, it shouldn’t stop us from exercising all together. With four different floors comprising a variety of equipment and machines along with a variety of group fitness classes to choose from, we are bound to find something for you to enjoy during recovery.

Likewise, the Wright Physio is located inside Titan Fitness. Upon joining you receive a free consultation whereby the physio can provide exercise recommendations to help you speed up recovery and ensure you maintain a relative level of fitness so that you can return to your pre-injury fitness level as soon as possible.

4. Financial

Finally, the expense of a gym membership can prevent us from signing up. In most cases, the reason for not joining goes deeper than the perceived financial constraint. People spend money on what they value. If you truly value your fitness goals, cost will not be a barrier. Like any goal, having a propelling reason behind why you want to accomplish it is a powerful driver of success.

To illustrate how influential a powerful ‘why’ can be, imagine that you would receive one million dollars if you exercised at the gym every day for 12 months. Nothing would come between you and your daily exercise. Hence, the cost barrier of $28 per week was just eradicated. Notice here that the only thing that changed was your level of motivation to achieve the set goal. Your ‘why’ became more powerful. Having a powerful why will give you the determination you need to overcome any obstacles. Hence, if you believe that cost is your biggest barrier, spend a little time thinking about how important your goal really is to you.