I will always remember the first time I met my client *Sarah. Sarah was completely new to weight training and had the desire to build muscle and get stronger. She looked at me with hopeful eyes and asked what the protocol was to achieve her goals. She almost laughed in disbelief when I told her that there is no one clear cut procedure to success. “Tell me more” she said.

If there is one thing that my experience as a Personal Trainer has reinforced, it is that everyone’s path to conquering their fitness goals is unique. Despite this, there are key qualities which are common among successful people which we can all benefit from.

Below I have outlined three of these qualities. This list extends beyond success in the gym to many other realms of life, both personal and career centred. Such qualities are not innate and can be easily picked up and learnt, enabling you to reach your goals with greater efficiency and ease.

1. Successful people work smarter, not harder

Firstly, successful people work smarter, not harder. From a young age, we are told that in order to get better at something, we need to work harder at it. However when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, this is not always the case. Instead, quality always trumps quantity. Many people have a limited amount of time to exercise. Therefore, it is vital to design a program which takes full advantage of this time.

If you only have 30-45 minutes to spend in the gym, a carefully designed program can provide outstanding results in this time frame. By carefully crafting your workouts using techniques that ramp up workout intensity, prioritise progressive overload and are goal specific, you can avoid wasting precious time in the gym. Doing so will also prevent overtraining and the resultant risk of injury and burn out.

If you desire to know more about creating a training program which is time efficient and produces maximal results, make sure to comment below and I will detail how Titan Fitness can help you achieve this.

The idea of working smarter and not harder extends beyond training to other facets of life such as studying and work. Devising strategies which enable you to get more work done in a shorter time frame will help you clear up space for things that are important to you…like working out ;).

2. Successful people have a strong support network

Secondly, successful people have a strong support network. Your environment has a huge effect on your thoughts and decisions. Thus, developing a powerful support network can make you more likely to conquer your goals. Your network is there to provide advice, motivate you, help you overcome obstacles and increase your work output.

For instance, athletes who are at the top of their fitness game have an extensive support network around them. This system comprises performance coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, dietitians, physiotherapists and so on.

Thus, if you are serious about achieving your health and fitness goals, I would highly recommend developing a robust support network around you. This can be a gym buddy who helps motivate you to train or a Personal Trainer who ensures that you are reaching your fitness potential.

Furthermore, joining our Bootcamps and Transformation Challenges is a fantastic way to develop a powerful support network around you. Your teammates will encourage you, inspire you and challenge you to work hard and produce results. This will greatly increase your ability to master your fitness goals.

3. Successful people schedule exercise into their weekly routine

Thirdly, successful people schedule exercise into their weekly routine. Many of us are running around with never ending to do lists, which can make scheduling in exercise difficult. Despite this, one key factor that separates those of us who achieve our fitness goals from those who don’t is the ability to plan and stick to an exercise regime.

While everyone’s commitment to exercise is different, it is vital to find time throughout the week to fit it in. The irony is that undertaking exercise will in fact make you more productive. Improvements in sleep quality, energy levels, alertness, memory and problem solving touch the surface of the many benefits you’ll experience from regular activity.

Likewise, regular exercise helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression which can hinder us from performing optimally and reaching our goals. Thus, the benefits of regular exercise transfers to all realms of life, from your career aspirations to your social life.

To help make scheduling in exercise easier for you, Titan Fitness offer a variety of group fitness classes and Bootcamps to help you lock in your training commitment. The best thing about group training is that you don’t even have to think about your workout. All you have to do is show up.

Final Remarks

Hence, while everyone’s pathway to achieving their fitness goals is both multifaceted and unique, there are commonalities amongst those who achieve their vision which we can all benefit from.

After teaching Sarah* how her unique physiology and biomechanics influence exercise selection and programming as well as emphasising the complex interrelationship between training and nutrition, Sarah understood what she needed to do to master her fitness goals. I guess Sarah* learnt the secret to success in fitness and in life after all.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣